Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A place to visit in Budapest

I have forgotten how nice Budapest can be but had the best reminder last evening. We had a  stroll downtown with my hubby.

 We took the first corner on the right after that i just couldn't tell if I was still in BP or Paris. We came across a place  I have forgotten about a long time before. Lovely and elegant  Café Gerlóczy in a quite French style little square absolutely in the city. There is a fantastic and elegant hotel above the  Café too which has perfect reviews on Trip advisor.

The old building is beautifully renovated and the rooms are elegant and spotless. Firm mattresses, mini bar, and TV. (...) The location is good with easy walks to the Pest waterfront, market, main pedestrian street, city sights, and restaurants. The cafe downstairs has a wonderful ambiance, delicious fare and you can sit outside in the shade of the big tree out front. Cafe G is a small, green, welcoming oasis in the midst of the city. Breakfast omelets and fruit drinks are good! We highly recommend Café Gerlóczy!
 {Home and Away}
They also have a simple (in a good way) and fantastic lunch menu, which we will definitely will be trying in the near future.Here is a nice sample:


Cauliflower cream soup with chives and pepper flavoured crouton
Wild mushroom cream soup with crouton
Beef meat balls with sesame and spicy cream

Main Courses

Pork mignons with bacon & cabbage
Chicken leg with tomato-pesto flavoured gnocchi
Marrow vegetable dish with minced nut

Panna Cotta Guava -Green tea sause
Fruit sorbet with cacao
Plum tart with cinnamon sauce

{We love Budapest}

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