Thursday, 26 April 2012


It has been a while since I have posted on my blog. So here is my comeback with Tulimanna. A new brand on Etsy selling pillows and designer items. /Extra special to me as I happen to know the creative mind behind it./
 I love interior design pieces especially ones that are warm and cosy with a hint of humour or thought. No wonder this fascination has continued and when designers like Tulimanna come along, adding a new aesthetic dimension to my cravings. I cannot stop admiring the eye catching unique items from the beautifully crafted collection of this talented and gifted designer with great imagination. She imparts an inner artistic vision to her designs and the result becomes evident in unique pieces. As a friend the first thing you will probably notice about Anna is her energy: strong, upbeat, with a vintage edge, and full of creative fire. She is passionate about her work, and equally passionate about bringing out her unique style in everything she does. The second thing you will notice is her wast creativity. She is a literal sea of endless ideas for her pieces, no threads left open. It's quite remarkable.
 Her shop is up and running on Etsy don't miss it!!!!

Please find link below.

 Tulimanna's shop