Monday, 16 January 2012

My Bulb Babies

Two years back  got a beautiful book from my hubby. The book has a nice section about growing and keeping spring bulbs. I read it a few times and thought it will be easy-peasy to grow my own beauties in no time. According to the instructions I got some bulbs in October planted them and put them in a cold environment. As we live in a flat on the 3th floor that  meant the fridge :O)).I packed the pots  safely in plastics and put them in the bottom compartment. I took my babies out 1,5 week before Christmas hoping for the best, keeping all the timing right which was suggested. I actually wanted my bulbs in bloom for Christmas!!!Unfortunately all they did was grow leaves by then, a lot of leaves.No flowers at all. Later I found out that one part of the flowers I bought  are too young to be in bloom.:O((( I hope they will be blooming next year. The other bulbs are starting to have blooms this week.The first was a hyacinth in bluish-purple.I cannot stop adoring it.Although I am keeping my little garden in the garden I had to bring it in to the bedroom to enjoy the fragrance.I am overwhelmed that these came up so well.
Blue Hyacinth
The before years I gave the bulbs away to my parents and grannies to plant them in their garden, but this year hopefully all going right I will plant them in my own garden.The other lot I will keep in pots and hope that next year I will have them blooming at Christmas:O). I will keep you posted.

Blue Flower Bulb

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Vintage Button Heart Tutorial

I have received some really beautiful vintage buttons some time earlier from my granny Magdalene. She has been collecting them now for years.When I visited her I brought some of the buttons back (as she had so much with her that I was unable to take all). There were a lot of white buttons. Some of the new or newish some of them a bit worn.I don’t really mind that time gives a lot of character to things. I had  been thinking for a while what to do with them but had the best idea form my favorite magazine  Country Homes and Interiors. A wire frame button heart.So I set to make it on Sunday.I put out all the buttons I want to use in a heart shape. I got a simple gardening wire and formed a heart out of it leaving a small hook on the top.Than I attached the buttons one by one using a thin wire. This looked quite neat but I wanted it to look like as it was sewn on so I got a needle and some white thread and sewn through the button holes all the way around, this gave some extra firmness to the buttons as well. Although I was a bit afraid that it won't work well the whole thing came up really well at the end. I love it an cannot stop looking at it!!

{White button heart}