Sunday, 23 June 2013

Calendar Week 25

Such a hot week all shades down I just felt like crying in front of the air con. I hate summer with all ist heat and bugs and other shenanigans.I was sick and due to this I was at home in bed and that is how I got through a week with temperature up to  37 C. I did my best on my crocheted blanket. I wanted to use up some of my leftover yarn from Barka and just went on and on until it formed a lovely shape and I cannot stop now or so I thought until the eczema did not flame up on my hands severely so I had to abandon crochet in the middle of the week. (Just to let you know Barka Is a lovely yarn shop in Budapest inner city very close to the Central Market).
As I had to stay in bed for some time more so I  have been spending some time with extending my Miss Marple knowledge leaving only a few episodes to watch.Batty? Maybe but I did not care less.
The garden had suffered a lot too. A. have been watering it a  lot but some things did dry up in the day.The tomatoes and zucchini turned out just right cannot wait for them to ripe. It is the first time for us to have a garden and we learn a lot about the soil and plants.We have a sandy soil or shall I say the soil is made of sand only.Some things just love it and some just hate it but I cannot complaint as we mostly got it right.I still love the flowers  and keep trimming them for the inside vases daily.So calming when the scent of sweet peas fill the room.
I have been trying to focus on healthy eats  this week. I have been having a lot of protein and instead of taking heaps of medicines I have been sampling some of the best honeys I have ever had.I have found a lovely variety of a wild honey that is misted with propolis and pollen.It really helped me a lot with my infection to get better.
Next week I will be back to work and I am so not looking forward to it……..

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Calendar Week 24 and a Half

I know I have changed my posting to a weekly basis but I just had to share these. I have been spending some time in the early mornings in the inner city of Budapest. I take this time to have big walks around the Grand Market area. Patched with narrow streets and old houses, there is a cafe or a boutique on every corner. Lovely to walk around and take the scenes in. The streets are filled with dog lovers walking their pets who would catch up on daily news with sniffs and small barks.They know each other oh so well.The air is filled with the scent of esspressoes milk and pastries.Butiques still closed but even the window displays are worth stopping by. My favorite is Rózsavölgyi Chocolate.They offer cocoabeans, bergamot rinds in chocolate, hot chocolate with lavender and hot paprika, hazelnut gianduja spread for breakfast breads. All too too lovely to miss if you would have a chance to try. Their designs for wraps are also a feast for the eye.

The central marked is buzzing with people looking for the best fruit and vegetables and meat for cooking. In the early hours no tourists are there only the house goddess wannabe early birds hunting for the finest ingeredinets.Old ladies and B2 and B5 women the last in designer attire best to catch up on the latest bag and shoe  fashion. This is the best place to get chocolate swirls and coffee to go at one of the stalls sit by the side of the Danube and see the city wake up.

Calendar Week 24

Big changes on the blog and in my life. I have taken a chance and restyled. Ripped all to bare truth. Simplified as much as I could . I love simple things lately.I will also alter the way I wright to have more clearness and to have things more transparent.
 Some of you might wonder why I have not been so active with my sewing and crafts. I have been busy with our lovely garden. Growing lovely vegetables and flowers. This is the first time I do something like this and I made sure that I have a wide selection to try what is the best for this soil which is very sandy. I had perfect luck with zucchini, radish, pumpkins, peas and tomatoes. I love being out and see how things grow from day to day. I had my first harvest this week of radish, coriander, strawberries and black cherries.Hmm so full of flavor.
 My flowers turned up absolutely lovely especially the sweet peas which have the most amazing smell of all absolutely lovely. It is a great joy to pick my own flowers every day from the garden and place them in different places in the house. Especially on the bedside table. Love that I can enjoy the scent while crocheting. I have also managed my window displays. I hated that the soil would get on the windows when it was raining so I placed some of the beautiful shells I have collected over the years in Sicily, Brighton, Bray and Sandymount on the top of the soil and that solved all that.The week was lovely full of expectations and joys.A lot of sun with afternoon summer rains what else could I wish for?