Saturday, 12 October 2013

Christmas workshop Tutorial- Perfect fabric for Tilda doll and angel skin

As I have promised I will be sharing tutorials and DIY tips in the next coming weeks part of my Christmas Workshop. This if the first one. I love making dolls and angels but it is so hard to get hold of the suitable material to use for the dolls skin. Where I live this the fabric that runs out so quickly I hardly manage to get my hands on it. I have experimented for a while and now want to share the best method I came up with for a nice neutral color and an even finish.

Buy some cotton fabric either in white or in any neutral color. I tend to use Ikea's BUMOL most of the times. I did try other fabrics but this is the most suitable for me.

Take a pan  that you don't use anymore for cooking or any in expensive pan.Soak the fabric in cold water until nice and wet.

 Add in the ingredients for coloring. I tend to use natural aids like coffee, chestnuts and  tea but you can use any of the above. I put a good handful of chestnuts, 2 tb of coffee in a filter so it does not get in the fabric into the water. Filters I use are also available form IKEA. If I want to have a skin tone which is a bit more tanned I add 3-4 Earl grey teabags any type will do.

 When all ingredients are in and the clothe is nicely soaked through. I switch on the hob and cook it  for an hour.

After an hour I just leave it to cool and  when it is cold enough I hang the colored fabric outside to dry.

And this is what you get. A perfect natural tone for doll skin.

I hope I gave you a nice enough tutorial!In the rare occasions in which I get these kind of lucky inspirations I am very happy to share them with you!I hope you will try it with your Christmas decorations or any other  crafts you might be working on as I think this idea, can be recycled for every occasion.

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