Thursday, 11 August 2011

House Hunt

We have been at it for almost two weeks now but we are still unlucky, we haven’t found what we were looking for.Sometimes I feel frustrated and disappointed a little, I even feel like giving up here and there for a minute.We are having a hard time finding the right house because we have so many factors to consider. First is that we are on a budget.We are also considering the number of rooms, we want a house with four rooms since we don’t want to share rooms. Last but definitely not the least is the location of the house. This one is the most important of all. This is the reason why we are moving out anyway, we are currently living in a  flat situated inside the city, in the 3rd district. This used to be such a nice area (except the  huge apartment blocks) . It changed a lot since we moved away and is getting worse.So now we are looking for  a home  outside the city  but not very far form the capital as we don't want to add too much to our daily commute .
Hopefully we will find one very soon. I want to transfer as soon as possible, but definitely before Christmas.Hopefully we will make some progress in the autumn.

I try to look at things in a positive way and started gathering ideas from different websites and magazines.The other day I came across a site called Hocked on Houses. Julia who is owning the site has been writing about houses in  films and series. She also have a neat comments on different styles. She has covered all my favorite film houses like Practical Magic, You've got mail, Twilight, The Proposal, Sex and the City and many-many more.She also has some celebrity houses listed. I love looking at them for inspiration.

{House from The Proposal in Alaska}

 {House from The Proposal in Alaska}

They are all such delight and i love to look for the small details.I know our house wont be this lavish but still some affordable luxury can always be added to it.I have to say my favorite house till now has to be the one form the movie Practical Magic.With the setting  and the windings stairs and that conservatory. Not to mention the kitchen.If I could have anything like that I would be cooking every nigh just to be in it.Wouldn't you? I just cannot stop adoring it. I am definitely watching that move tonight.:O))

{House from Practical Magic}

PS: If anyone knows where the the Lilly of the valley cardigan is coming from please let me know!!!

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