This is the list of questions that I am asked most frequently by e-mail, I hope the answers to be useful!

Tubarozadesign is the name of my little craft brand and online shop. I create designs and accessories and home wares which are one of a kind. You will find some kits and patterns for sewing projects, embroidery samplers, too seasonally.

WeHeartDublin is the name of my blog, where I write frequently daily about my life, home, sewing and family.

I learned to sew completely self-taught, in 2010, when I got a sewing machine from my hubby for Christmas. I was sewing before that for some time but only with hand. I have not sewn with a machine before that. I have learned most of what I know form the books of Tilda (author Tone Finnanger) and Bend-the-Rules Sewing: The Essential Guide to a Whole New Way to Sew (author Amy Karol). The second one I actually like more as it gives you more basic knowledge about sewing. I have to mention that I prefer both books in English as the Hungarian translation is not that accurate as it should be.

I thought myself on my simple Singer step by step and i am still learning even now.(I remember the first thing I have sewn was a long heart.) Reading the pattern descriptions sometimes over and over again until I could make heads and tails of it. I learned almost everything looking, experimenting, studying projects, reading books, reading patterns, surfing the Internet, trying tutorials, looking at pictures, looking videos /I love YouTube tutorials!!/, attending forums / my favorite is Tildamania .ru/. The most important is taking the time and listen to advice that is given to you. I have done some horrible projects until I got this far. Even now I have to take some time to experiment with some projects I make and that is good in that way.

To be continued......

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