Thursday, 17 October 2013

Christmas workshop Tutorial- Stuffing and Sewing Legs for Tilda Dolls

As I have promised I will be sharing tutorials and DIY tips in the next coming weeks part of my Christmas Workshop. This is the second one. I love making dolls and angels but it is so hard to get sewing and stuffing right. I find that some of the instructions I find in books mightn't be clear enough at places. Due to this I constantly experiment to try to come up with perfect solutions for my sewing. This is a tutorial to help you to get sewing and stuffing of dolls right.

I sew parts mostly with a machine this gives enough accuracy with the pattern. I turn parts out with a barbecue stick and stuff it with wadding that is not too soft. I like if my dolls have weight and are firmer to touch. I stuff only a small ballin the fabric at a time and help the wadding go to the right place by pushing it in with my bamboo stick.

To sew in the legs I fold in the bottom of the body and pin it it the middle. This is the mark for me to see where I have to start sewing.

I insert a leg and starting from that point in the middle. I sew along the bottom line on one side. Than I sew again back to the middle. Then insert the second leg and sew back and forth again. When you do this make sure that the legs are the same length and facing the right way. If you wish now you can sew through with a machine.

This is how your finished legs should look like.

I hope I gave you a nice enough tutorial!In the rare occasions in which I get these kind of lucky inspirations I am very happy to share them with you!I hope you will try it with your Christmas decorations or any other  crafts you might be working on as I think this idea, can be recycled for every occasion.

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