Thursday, 5 December 2013

My Favorite Christmas Magazines

My sweet Husband and friend Angelena were so nice to get me all the best English magazines full of ideas to get ready this season. I am all busy reading these while recovering from that nasty cold.Here are some of my favorite picks.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Christmas Workshop in Full Speed

I have been perfecting seams and cuts to get my little angels perfect and ready to take off n the next days. They will all be available in my shop very soon.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Christmas workshop Tutorial- Stuffing and Sewing Legs for Tilda Dolls

As I have promised I will be sharing tutorials and DIY tips in the next coming weeks part of my Christmas Workshop. This is the second one. I love making dolls and angels but it is so hard to get sewing and stuffing right. I find that some of the instructions I find in books mightn't be clear enough at places. Due to this I constantly experiment to try to come up with perfect solutions for my sewing. This is a tutorial to help you to get sewing and stuffing of dolls right.

I sew parts mostly with a machine this gives enough accuracy with the pattern. I turn parts out with a barbecue stick and stuff it with wadding that is not too soft. I like if my dolls have weight and are firmer to touch. I stuff only a small ballin the fabric at a time and help the wadding go to the right place by pushing it in with my bamboo stick.

To sew in the legs I fold in the bottom of the body and pin it it the middle. This is the mark for me to see where I have to start sewing.

I insert a leg and starting from that point in the middle. I sew along the bottom line on one side. Than I sew again back to the middle. Then insert the second leg and sew back and forth again. When you do this make sure that the legs are the same length and facing the right way. If you wish now you can sew through with a machine.

This is how your finished legs should look like.

I hope I gave you a nice enough tutorial!In the rare occasions in which I get these kind of lucky inspirations I am very happy to share them with you!I hope you will try it with your Christmas decorations or any other  crafts you might be working on as I think this idea, can be recycled for every occasion.

Christmas Angels are Getting Ready

Tilda angels

A very quick update on my Christmas workshop as the angels are getting ready to take off. They will all be available in my shop very soon.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Christmas Ornament Swap

I love the time before Christmas. Waiting an preparing and soaking up the atmosphere. One of the best things for a crafter about Christmas is making ornaments. Such a huge amount of techniques to choose from paper, clay, fabric. This year I decided to spice up the weeks coming and organize a swap.
I would like to invite you to join me for an ornament swap!
Here's how we will play.  If you are interested please email the following information to titled "Ornament Swap"
 The email should contain:
1.  Your name and complete address
2.  Please let me know what color you prefer:

* Pinks and Blue
* Whites and cream
* Winter blues
*  Red and Green
* Retro Brights (Fuchsia, pinks, turquoise, red, green, etc.) 

3.  Let me know what interest you most.

* birds, nest, nature things
* cupcakes, candy canes and kitschy things
* French inspired and elegant things
* typical holiday snowmen, Santa, and reindeer
*  Anything as long as roses are involved!

This information must be received by November 1st

Once sign ups are closed I will group everyone the best I can according to color interest by groups of 4 people.  Because ornaments are like potato chips, you can't have just one, each group will be responsible for making 3 ornaments for each member in their group.  For example you will make and receive a total of 9 ornaments.  You will be responsible for packaging these ornaments in a SAFE and SECURE manor and shipping them to each member of your group.  You will have a whole month to make your ornaments and have them shipped out to your partner by November 30th.  This way everyone will have their ornaments in time to enjoy them for Christmas.   

Please feel free to join us!  We would love to have you!  I would ask however that you can be a little flexible  with me.  My goal will be to group you together to help with shipping cost.  Therefore you may not be able to be grouped by color interest and might have to be a little flexible in this area.  Meaning  you might have to make one group member one color, and the next a different color palette.  I really appreciate your understanding.

We all love to receive pretty things carefully constructed with care adored in lovely packaging.  So please take this into consideration when making your ornaments.  It's simple!  Here are a few suggestions to help you out!
  • No glue should be showing.
  • GOOD glues should be used so parts stay attached and don't arrive in pieces.
  • Simply printed images just won't do.  Don't be afraid to embellish with love.
  • Paper ornaments should be constructed sturdy and not flimsy.
  • Don't be afraid to use a little sparkle.
  • Bubble wrapping before wrapping in pretty tissue could save your fragile works of art from arriving damaged.
  • Let the post office know your box is fragile.  Even if it maybe fine, it still doesn't hurt.
  • Creative wrapping is always a nice touch.
  • A simple pretty note to say hello can warm the heart.
  • Courtesy goes a long way!  Life happens, and most of us are understanding.  Please notify me and your group immediately if something has come up and you are unable to ship on time.  I will do my very best to resolve these issues the best I can.  All I ask is you keep me informed.

I am really looking forward to this swap and do hope you will join me! Please feel free to post the swap on your facebook page, blog or email and share with others.  The more the merrier!

Should you have any question you will find me here:

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Christmas workshop Tutorial- Perfect fabric for Tilda doll and angel skin

As I have promised I will be sharing tutorials and DIY tips in the next coming weeks part of my Christmas Workshop. This if the first one. I love making dolls and angels but it is so hard to get hold of the suitable material to use for the dolls skin. Where I live this the fabric that runs out so quickly I hardly manage to get my hands on it. I have experimented for a while and now want to share the best method I came up with for a nice neutral color and an even finish.

Buy some cotton fabric either in white or in any neutral color. I tend to use Ikea's BUMOL most of the times. I did try other fabrics but this is the most suitable for me.

Take a pan  that you don't use anymore for cooking or any in expensive pan.Soak the fabric in cold water until nice and wet.

 Add in the ingredients for coloring. I tend to use natural aids like coffee, chestnuts and  tea but you can use any of the above. I put a good handful of chestnuts, 2 tb of coffee in a filter so it does not get in the fabric into the water. Filters I use are also available form IKEA. If I want to have a skin tone which is a bit more tanned I add 3-4 Earl grey teabags any type will do.

 When all ingredients are in and the clothe is nicely soaked through. I switch on the hob and cook it  for an hour.

After an hour I just leave it to cool and  when it is cold enough I hang the colored fabric outside to dry.

And this is what you get. A perfect natural tone for doll skin.

I hope I gave you a nice enough tutorial!In the rare occasions in which I get these kind of lucky inspirations I am very happy to share them with you!I hope you will try it with your Christmas decorations or any other  crafts you might be working on as I think this idea, can be recycled for every occasion.

Christmas Workshop

I know that it seems we start preparing every year so early for the season. It might be excuse but this is the most exciting time for us crafters in the year. I guess I dare to say that in any other crafters name. Preparing gets really intense especially in the last days before Christmas it might be a bit hectic still I just love that atmosphere, anticipation, even if it is a race against the clock for weeks. Well, this is what is happening to me at the moment. I would like to make so many things for the shop and take care of all the  requests, and to have my Christmas shop always filled so you can choose what you like most. I try to get all my strength to fulfill everything but I am also a human and get tired . I  hate to admit but if I keep pushing when I am knackered I make mistakes and I hate making mistakes and mostly end up starting over again until I don't get it right, perfect. As all I make is from the heart and I love to imagine who will receive it and want to make it perfect for them. This is what makes me happy.
I am so extremely thankful  towards all of you who purchased some things from my little shop supporting me and allowing me to do what I love most, making things for you. I will be very busy in the next weeks certainly, but try to answer every email I get for orders.

I'd like to introduce you my Christmas workshop which is in full speed at the moment producing angels, Santas, Christmas mice, and many more. Hope they will find a new home. Come and have a look around!!!!!!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Filling up my Shop for Christmas

 Good day friends.You must know by now .. if I disappear for a period of time it means that I'm designing something! By tradition, every year at this time, I present my Christmas creations for my shop,you can check out all the available stock here.

Here I am, therefore,  today to present my latest efforts .. the ones that have kept me busy at my desk with a pencil and a thousand sheets of paper to draw them.The new designs are quite different to the ones in the before years.I hope that I managed to fulfill my desire to come out with something fresh and different.I will be showing off my projects bit by bit so stay tuned.

This pretty pillow is the next project I made for this Christmas it is a perfect gift . Unique and hand sewn with a perfect finish and very sweet topped with a fabric rose. Made with love from Tilda cotton fabrics, stuffed with non-allergenic cotton fiber.
I wanted to create a lovely decoration for bedrooms or any place in your home. It also makes a nice gift or a stocking filler for Christmas. Hope you like it.