Monday, 29 August 2011

Ecofriendly Vacation

It is official we will spend our holiday in Montenegro.I have to say first I was not sure about it especially seeing the "Whistle-blower" earlier in the week. Still I put all the thoughts about being sold by the pound behind me after reading really good comments on the place we are going.
Why now? I know that the summer is almost over but we don't actually like to go in the summer as places are too crowded and hot. Moreover I have sun allergy therefore less sun is better for me even with my Teflon creams. Because of this our holidays are not only beach based. We do a lot of sight seeing and hiking too. I actually have never been on a lazy holiday myself.  (They must be completely boring.:O))))
Every year we  focus on making our holiday more eco-friendly. I know this might sound a bit off in the sense that it takes the fun out of the whole thing, but it is not that hard to manage. I collected some things I do which  to organize a green/greener holiday.

  • Unplug everything except the lights you put on timers to deter burglars. this will save quite a lot of cost. 
  • Getting there try to make sure that you have packed food instead of buying on the way. Think about all the packaging and plastic cups used for the food at airport cafes not to mention fast food chains ( they actually hide the food in the packaging). To avoid producing so much waste always pre-pack. Your local supermarket will have all what you need.I tend to buy more vegetables and fruit and prepare snacks using inexpensive lunch boxes from IKEA.This makes them stay fresh for the journey. I only use paper napkins which are green for any smaller items.
  • Stay at a Green HotelEcofriendly establishments offer water- and electricity-saving measures. Even if your hotel isn't officially green, make your stay more efficient by turning off lights when you're not using them, switching off the AC when you leave, taking shorter showers, and bringing your own toiletries.
  • When you are there buy local food and try going to restaurants which serve local food.
      • Don't forget to check out the  local farmers' markets, and natural grocery stores, they will have the best of the season freshly picked. They make for ideal breaks -- and you'll be supporting the communities you pass through.
      Hope to comeback to you shortly with all good news about the holiday and  lovely photos of Montenegro.

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