Sunday, 21 August 2011

First Crafts for Christmas

Yes, I said Christmas. Yes, yes, I'm talking to you about planning for Christmas in the summer. I like to be super organized about Christmas especially when it comes to my crafts. The before years I was asked to do, sew pressies for friends and also got a few requests in my shop too. I needle to face the sewing in time in order that I can be ready and ship everything out on time.In this way I can enjoy myself and be with my family.This method works every year.(Although I also prepare things for Halloween in August. I squeeze some time in for the Christmas crafts too). I do one or two simpler crafts per day.

I've been asked a few times over the years how I plan for Christmas and if it takes the fun out of the season to prepare throughout the year.I shop throughout the year to spread the cost and hassle, more over out of season craft supplies are on sale especially in the summer so I can buy them really cheap. Not to mention that when the season really hits in supplies are running low or are out of stock instantly in the craft store I prefer.
I prefer to hand- make, sew gifts for my family and friends.I tried the shopping for a few years but ended up disappointed a lot of times. I don't really like crowds of people and I'm especially disinclined towards them when I'm in a hot shopping center and people are grabbing for that year's must have Christmas gift. I cannot cope with that.

I  make a plan of what I actually want to do for presents. I have a theme for each year just to excite myself and make plans according to that. for this year I have drowned up two themes Country Christmas for adults and Nutcracker for children. I don't have a detailed plan as yet but will have that too in a week or so. I will share it together with all the projects I will want to do too.

I like to kept it simple and keep a list of what I have in Excel.When I am ready with a present I wrap it to save time. You might think this method is a bit over the top but it really works saves me not just a lot of time but money as well. It also allows me to enjoy the season, meet friends and take my time to have nice strolls at the Christmas markets for that calm and easy Christmas spirit.

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