Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Jumbo Sale in the Snow

We are stranded now for days and were all desperate for some exercise.It was still -20 but at least the snow has stopped and we had a lovely speck of sunshine.

After a long lay-in we had the great idea to go for the local rummage sale. I got really happy because of the idea as I was running out of some of my fabrics. I always find some nice new unused fabrics and some vintage ones which I love to recycle in my sewing.This time I again got some lovely mostly new stuff.I have some new plans for them but I will share that later.

My favorite find for the day was a lovely scarf for my doggy Cake ( yes that is the dog's name).Here he is wearing it. He loved it from the first instance!!!

Additionally as I promised to my sweet Angelina here are some pictures of the snow we have over here.Hope you only have to enjoy this site in these pictures not in your back garden.I put one picture in there of myself too in case you forgot how I look.Hihi.

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