Monday, 13 December 2010

Almost Ready

I have been feeling much better these days.I had a good start on my pressies too. I have been sewing for days.I found some fantastic embroidery pattern.So I am keeping busy and positive as much I can.It is a bit hard to be really accurate but not to worry I think the baby Jesus will be bringing some help very soon. Still I feel a bit off because we still don't have an apartment.We did have a look at one yesterday which I liked a lot. It had a small craft room which even made it better. As we were viewing we could hear some music playing from next door. As it turned out the neighbor is in music college and practices a lot. I felt completely cheated. We are having a look at another one tomorrow. I hope we will have more luck especially that I have some friends in the neighborhood and it would be easier for us to meet up.
Until then I get back to work I still have 5 angels to make.

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