Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas Wish List


After a long long long day here I am again. The best part of the day was talking with my gran. We talk about how things were in the old times.I actually have to say most of the time she talks and I only listen.Today we talked about old christmases with sleighrides in the orchard and ice-skating on the river near the village.The thousand lights on the trees in the church and the nativity scene we so admired as children.However that is all gone now but it is still good to remember especially with gran.When we were small with my brother we had all our list figured out by the begining of December for the Baby Jesus (in Hungary he brings the presents on hte 24th Dec).I'd like to share my list for this year I hope you find some things you might like to add to your own wish list.I'd also love to hear what you are wishing for.
One of my favorite gifts to receive is books.Here are the two books I would most love to get.

Venezia: Food and Dreams

French Country Style at Home

Furniture and accessories:

ÅRSTID lamp from IKEA

SNÖVITA ornaments from IKEA
And a big aid in creating:
Singer sewing machine

I would be delighted to  receive any of these on Christmas eve. I'd love to know what's on other people's wish list so please share!


  1. My suggestion to my family this year...lets buy our own gifts...they will be exactly what we want. I would recommend an it. You have such a lovely site here. I will come back for a longer visit.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment.I like that idea we do that sometimes but we always agree that we buy one cheap surprise gift for each other. This always works.See you soon and good shopping for Xmas!