Sunday, 16 June 2013

Calendar Week 24

Big changes on the blog and in my life. I have taken a chance and restyled. Ripped all to bare truth. Simplified as much as I could . I love simple things lately.I will also alter the way I wright to have more clearness and to have things more transparent.
 Some of you might wonder why I have not been so active with my sewing and crafts. I have been busy with our lovely garden. Growing lovely vegetables and flowers. This is the first time I do something like this and I made sure that I have a wide selection to try what is the best for this soil which is very sandy. I had perfect luck with zucchini, radish, pumpkins, peas and tomatoes. I love being out and see how things grow from day to day. I had my first harvest this week of radish, coriander, strawberries and black cherries.Hmm so full of flavor.
 My flowers turned up absolutely lovely especially the sweet peas which have the most amazing smell of all absolutely lovely. It is a great joy to pick my own flowers every day from the garden and place them in different places in the house. Especially on the bedside table. Love that I can enjoy the scent while crocheting. I have also managed my window displays. I hated that the soil would get on the windows when it was raining so I placed some of the beautiful shells I have collected over the years in Sicily, Brighton, Bray and Sandymount on the top of the soil and that solved all that.The week was lovely full of expectations and joys.A lot of sun with afternoon summer rains what else could I wish for?

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