Sunday, 16 June 2013

Calendar Week 24 and a Half

I know I have changed my posting to a weekly basis but I just had to share these. I have been spending some time in the early mornings in the inner city of Budapest. I take this time to have big walks around the Grand Market area. Patched with narrow streets and old houses, there is a cafe or a boutique on every corner. Lovely to walk around and take the scenes in. The streets are filled with dog lovers walking their pets who would catch up on daily news with sniffs and small barks.They know each other oh so well.The air is filled with the scent of esspressoes milk and pastries.Butiques still closed but even the window displays are worth stopping by. My favorite is Rózsavölgyi Chocolate.They offer cocoabeans, bergamot rinds in chocolate, hot chocolate with lavender and hot paprika, hazelnut gianduja spread for breakfast breads. All too too lovely to miss if you would have a chance to try. Their designs for wraps are also a feast for the eye.

The central marked is buzzing with people looking for the best fruit and vegetables and meat for cooking. In the early hours no tourists are there only the house goddess wannabe early birds hunting for the finest ingeredinets.Old ladies and B2 and B5 women the last in designer attire best to catch up on the latest bag and shoe  fashion. This is the best place to get chocolate swirls and coffee to go at one of the stalls sit by the side of the Danube and see the city wake up.

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