Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wood Garlic Picking

Rezi is a lovely small village on the far side of lake Balaton with hills and woods.People mostly visit in the spring and climb the steep slopes to pick wood garlic. Haven't been over here since we left for Ireland and even we are back for 3 years now we haven't been visiting for some reason. I think we needed this. We needed the distance as seeing a place after years makes it much more beautiful than how you remembered it.
These hills, so gorgeous that they take your breath away with high trees and green woodland full of flowers.
Wood Garlic Picking


 Wood garlic covers the ground like a sea of green.

 On the top the views are wast with a panoramic view to the country side just gorgeous it is like a huge green patchwork quilt as far as you can see, with patches of small lakes volcanic hills and the Balaton.

Rezi woodlands

We picked a lot of garlic also some we taken home for planting in the garden. The rest I used for pesto which keeps for a long time in jars. There are so many ways of use pickle the roots, flowers or the berries with leaves.Pesto can be mixed with curd or yogurt or into anything sour.I also love it on meet as a marinade.
The taste is just like garlic with a bit of woodland scent so it mightn't everyone's cup of tea but worth a try.

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