Friday, 29 June 2012

Wedding Dress Hunt

As I have told you in an earlier post my friend Eve is getting married this summer. I was asked to help out in designing the whole event and photographing. Still the most exciting part of the preparation for me was finding "The Dress". (I was browsing the web and found the most interesting stories how other people found their I have to say there were a lot I enjoyed reading.)

Eve's dress is an A line gown from Maggie Bridal we found at the most unlikely place. We set off on a Saturday to find a TTD dress for the shoots and opted for a less expensive "gown boutique" which sell simple designer inspired dresses. The fitting went fine but no dress was suitable. We almost left before we went through a set that was on sale. And there it was perfect shape and color with details of floral embellishments and a bit worn Swarovski crystalling. Which was savable with a bit of touch up. She was utterly delighted with it and we picked it up instantly. I love that I have the chance to work with it and give a new meaning to it.

I have been doing some small alterations on Eve's wedding dress. I have started with touching up the crystals and glass beads on the front and the back which went very well. I have also added a small blue ribbon to the second layer of underskirt with an embroidery of the initials of the couple and a red heart. Just to make sure she has something blue.

I will have to wash it sew a dust bag, a lavender wing and breathable cotton shoulder cover for it and it will be complete. Or I thought it will be. Still today I was thinking that something is missing. I know it is not the usual accessory for a wedding but I thought a clutch bag would go just lovely with it. It is also perfect for holding those bits and bobs you just need to have with you. I drew the pattern at least five times until I got it right as I wanted to make the bottom part curved and completely flawless. Now that I have the shape completely right I just have to embellish it with the right buttons and lace. I will use shell buttons which I just love. I have got some vintage pieces from my gransy some time before. Which she has been collecting over some many years. Now I can make the best use of them. I will use the lace I got in Dublin in The Woollen Mills (just off Ha'penny bridge). I love the detail on it as it is so delicate and not overdone.

Anyway, I thought I will share the pattern with you hoping you will give a go at it as it is really easy. Just print in the preferable size twice and trace onto half-folded fabric (any type suitable). It gives the bag a nicer shape if you use thin interfacing. It is also nice if the lining is made of a different colored fabric. Just make sure that the colors match. You will need to trace once on the fabric and once on the lining after just cut off the top or fold it in and trace the body of the bag twice again once on the fabric and once on the lining. When you are ready sew the fabric to fabric and the lining to lining with a sewing machine. Trim on the sides and iron. Turn both inside out and slip into each other trim and sew together. When you are ready add the trimmings and buttons to your clutch to suit. Happy sewing for the weekend!

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