Sunday, 24 June 2012

My Nordic Dream House

Dear Darlings!

Have I got news for you? I know I was not actively posting in the last some months but after our big let down I told you about before. We have found our house which we looking forward turning into a dream home. We put in an offer on it 5 minutes after we saw it ( We fell in love with it.) which was accepted and the buying procedure is almost over with some small things missing.Yet we are still in the endless red tape. Cannot wait for it to be over.If all goes well knock on wood we will be moving in  in the beginning of August. Such a delight, we have been waiting for this for many years and now all that hard work will be payed off . I will be posting pictures after we have it sorry for keeping you curious but I don't want to blow it!!!Learned from the before time.All I can say that it is very unusual and never seen anything like it in Hungary before. It is blue and built in Nordic style as all parts were brought here from Sweden. I hope that made you curious enough.
Anyway we are started planing furniture and small bits and pieces. I will also have a crafts room finally!!!Cannot wait for that!!We have a zillion things to do before we can move and when we move there. it also comes with a garden with fruit trees and vegetable garden. I cannot wait to make my hands dirty there. I will grow all the herbs I like the most. i look forward to pick my own home grown basil for my homemade organic pesto...yummmmmy.

  {Illustration only but looks very much alike in light blue}

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