Sunday, 18 December 2011

Tildas Jule Verksted

I am so excited just got in a copy of Tildas Jule Verksted from my favorite  hobby shop completely inexpensive 3€. What a bargain!!!! I just cannot put it down! I love the ideas  and the styling. I love the picture of the craft room and hope to set up something like it in our new home pretty soon.

                                                    {Image from Tildas Jule Verksted}

For now  my favorite project from the book is the little angels as they are so easy to make.(Some times I find that project in Tilda books are a bit long to make.) Also suitable for children as my nieces Domy and Beccy gave a go at it and made adoreable winged creatures. Iwill use them for the tree and also for decorating here and there. Perfectly goes with gifts and packaging too.

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