Monday, 5 December 2011

Our Home

Some time before I wrote about that we have been looking for a house. We think we have found the right one but we are still in the procedure. As the house needs a lot of work to be done we are trying to get as much information as possible before putting in an offer. I kind of do not dare to be happy but feel really confused and frustrated at this moment. I think it won't get better until at least the offer process is over.

It took us months to find it because we were very fussy and picky, we have met the worst agents (I don't know how it is in other countries but in Hungary agents aren't that really reliable or listening to what you actually want, or ours weren't). My biggest fear is that was nothing compared to what is ahead of us. It will take ages to sort out all the bureaucratic and logistic problems, builders and all the the moment it is more like a nightmare than a make a house a home.

The house is we found is near Pest  (25 minutes) with perfect commute options. If we get through all the procedures of buying we will still have an enormous work a head of us which will take months. I am planning to write about this later incase the whole thing falls through. We also have to be planning everything ahead find things for our selves as we are on a tight budget.

We are also planning to do quite a lot of things together with my family and friends to save on the costs. I love blogs that feature interiors and makeovers. Love to see and try the projects although upto now I only did smaller projects. I know this mightn’t be a lot but still I am looking forward sharing all I will learn going through the experience. Hopefully this might be helpful for someone else in the same shoe.

Well, dear (blog) friends, now that I finally shared with you this very important news for us, I just want to wish you a lovely week and ask you to please, please cross your fingers for us. I will be back with some more news really shortly.


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