Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Lights on Andrássy Avenue

Andrassy Avenue is a very impressive broad avenue connecting Deák tér and Hosok tere (Heroes Square). Underneath runs one of the oldest metro systems in the world.
Between Deak ter and Octogon you would find all the luxury boutiques.Between Octogon and Heroes Square It is mainly inhabited by embassies and very posh companies. The Terror Museum can also be found here, as a memento to the torture chambers of the nazis and communists.
I personally think the line of trees and the amazing palaces give this street a fantastic atmosphere which are being decorated for Christmas each year. Some palaces are renovated, others display a certain fading charm still  I love walking past them this time of year.Take a walk for heroes Square down to Deák tér where the advent market stretches down to Váci street.

Here are this year's highlights.

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