Friday, 18 January 2013

New Year Resolutions

I don’t believe in new year resolutions. I admit it I tried and failed several times miserably ( I guess I am not alone with that)pushing myself to do something new I thought will make me better. I just had to come to terms that they weren’t for me as I hate to be restricted .I know I had been quite sporadic in the last months, due to the amount of time I had to put into my day job. December is always so busy work wise. Still I can feel that this year some unsaid resolution is on the way for me. A real one. One I actually can keep and one that is a lot of fun . It is not something I have decided but something that just comes to me day to day without deciding or wanting it. It feels good and calm more structured. What do I mean?
I try to take it easy and let things go more easy and be much less rigid on things if they do not work out perfectly. I am much less stressed in years and it feels perfectly fine. I hope I don’t ruin it by tagging it as a resolution but anyway I have said it out aloud.
The only thing it isn’t working on is my crafts. I can start something over and over again a million times if I think it is not good enough if it is not up to my standards. I always keep in mind that I want to do something that someone else would love to use for years sometime putting too much pressure on myself. Still I don’t think it is a bad thing to do. I actually find this inspiring and something that makes me improve my trade from product to product.
The other discovery that ended in a resolution is a bit more adventurous. In the end of November I come across a lot of lovely things for my sewing. By accident I was passed on some beautiful lace, handmade lace-like crochet, vintage buttons (some form the 20’s mother of pearl) and fabric. All vintage. Mostly from my gran and her friends . What I like the most about them is every small bit of fabric came with a story to it. I have listened to all, from simple stories about friends and family occasions to war memories.
The more I heard the better it all got. I got the bug. Even before I loved foraging in the antique shops for fabrics, buttons and any sewing accessories but from now on I want to make sure each product I make will have a bit of the past.
It just adds so much even to the simplest thing and the textures…oh… heavy but in a nice way. Back then they knew how to add weight with lace and embroidery. I love to touch things and feel the fabrics. It means a lot to me to come up with a product that has more to give not only pleasing for the eye but for the soul too.
From now on my shop will have products with a little bit of extra special additions. I will try to include some stories here too. I don’t want to turn into some history expert just share some of my discoveries as an amateur who has a great interest in happenings of the past. Love stories of wives , lovers and outsiders and tales friendships and great escapes of course together with the finds. I kind of feel that I owe this much to these people for their kindness. I have already incorporated some of the buttons in the bag that came out in my shop some days ago.I think they work quite well with the contemporary design. Have a peep in the shop by clicking here.

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