Sunday, 2 September 2012

Our Home

As I have promised some times earlier here are the pictures of our new home. It is a bit bare as we only have been living in it for 1 month but still is it progressing slowly.I think we are still adjusting ourselves to living in a house rather than a flat which is 4 times smaller. We also have garden that we just adore we have already worked a lot in it to bring up to this state as the previous owners did not really care for it. For now we just cleaned it mainly and only in the autumn we will be doing some real gardening and planting. I just cannot wait to have my own little garden of herbs and vegetables outside. We also have a new visitor who I mean to introduce in the next some posts. It’s a cat a sweet little gray cat. I actually thought I would never like cats but she grew on us in the past month and we love having her around. I will be sewing a little pillow for her a comfy patchwork pillow and will put it on the porch where she loves to sit and look inside. I kind of think of her as a new addition to our family.
Now I must fly as I am full in autumn angel production mode, so it's time for hours of sewing and neglecting housework, watching my favorite autumn movies, orange lime lemonade, and afternoons of sewing. Anyway I just love it!!!

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