Thursday, 30 August 2012

Easy Bath Bombs

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Now that we have a real bath at home I can perfect my skills of bath bomb making. I know that there are a hundred recipes floating around the net, but I often find them unsafe or just too complicated to make.

 I want to share one that is tested and definitely works even for sensitive skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and it was tested on me.
It is all made extremely simple but I actually find the outcome slightly better than bombs from the store.


4 tbsp. tablespoons of baking soda;
2 tbsp. spoon of citric acid;
3 tbsp. dry milk / or corn starch
1 tbsp. teaspoon sea salt;
1 tbsp. spoon of magnesium sulfate (also known as Epsom salts, also known as magnesium), buy over the counter  if I cannot get it I use rock salt.
20 drops of olive oil /or if you fancy essential oil

Just a brief note on oils:
To de-stress and relax - use orange oil, bergamot, basil, grapefruit, geranium, lavender, lemon balm, rose, rosemary or sage.
To create a romantic mood take the oil of jasmine, ylang-ylang, ginger, patchouli, cardamom, cinnamon, juniper, neroli, sandalwood or thyme.

You can also use food dyes or spices, fine grass or flowers, chocolate, cocoa, honey, bran, oat flour etc.

For molding:
There are special moulds available in hobby shops but you can also use any silicone molds for biscuits and cakes, yogurt cups, halved tennis balls

You will also need a container for mixing the ingredients;  and a pair of rubber gloves


Put your gloves on. I like to use them as they make life much more easier and stops sweat getting into the balls from your hands. To start mix the baking soda and lemon juice, if possible, try to grind these components, as can be smaller. (Citric acid interaction with fizzy soda gives the desired effect) Now add the milk powder and thoroughly stir again add salt, oils and dyes .

Stir until smooth.

If the resulting mixture is wet enough, start making balls - by filling the molds with the mixture. If the mixture is dry - add a little water. But be careful: if the mixture begins to sizzle - so water is enough.

If you use molds, grease them with olive oil and fill them with the mix and leave for 1 hour in a dry place. Take out the bombs from the mold and leave to dry 24 hours, so that they can mature by a better bonding of all components.

To make bombs colored ready-mix should be divided into two (or more) pieces and add dyes. Put in only 1-2 drops!

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I actually like to put in ground cinnamon or coffee, lavender, rose hips or petals and buds that I have collected in the garden. I also use some fairy dust (LOL) especially at Christmas time. This adds a lot of sparkle to the season.

That's it, you can safely take a bath and enjoy the bombs. It's also a nice gift for friends and family. For children prepare a bomb with a surprise inside. This can be any small action figure, big pearl or gem or anything else that come to mind. To do this, during the molding of bombs put the "surprise" in the middle of the composition.

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