Friday, 14 October 2011

The Grapes of Wrath

This morning we joined forces for our annual real wine-making experience. To begin, I work at an office and most of my family does too once a year we have  the opportunity to help pick the grapes to my father-in-law. So we did! We woke this morning at 6 AM By 6:45we were on the vineyard, where only a few cars were parked. all our friends and family from my husband's side was there 21 all together. All of the men who work in the field had already started their day. I felt excited to have this role change. I was greeted by family members and given a pair of clippers and some rubber gloves. Together, we walked upward towards the grapes, through unripe juniper bushes and uncut grass and up the mighty  slope. Our vineyard is terraced and has 3 slopes. 
{Our vineyard}


I took my position and began snipping. We all had our own gallon-sized bucket to carry along the vineyard. We collected  white and red grapes, taking not a very long time to fill our buckets.   It was great to have some mindless work to do… I thought about everything in the world, from grape picking in literature to my relationships to my family. Sometimes you just cannot help eating the grapes as you go along. I like light green Muscadine with mild flavor all its own but my favorite is pinot noir grapes with some Camembert or Morbier cheese.
 I lost track of time as I was picking in the sunny breeze.  After a while, I started to realize I was hot and tired but I continued.  The work felt good. By 2 pm  had clipped two entire rows of grapes!  It was hard work still, I left feeling a  accomplished, a bit more clear minded.

We worked hard all day but did not forget to enjoy the sight and other beauties and definitely will be back to do it all over again.

{Muscadine grapes}

{Vine cottage}


{My mama at work}


 {Vineyard from the top}

{Vineyard row}

{Pinot Noir grapes}

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