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I am back after some time off. I mentioned that we were in Montenegro for holiday this year. This is a short recap of what we have been doing seen in the last weeks over in the lovely Montenegro. (I will only focus on the highlights only).Among the destinations along the Adriatic coast, Montenegro remains a rather exotic choice for visitors.  Consequently, tourism here is yet far less developed than in neighbouring countries such as Croatia or Italy. We stayed in Budva for over a week and also travelled along the coast to see all the sites.I advise to visit the northen which are much developed  that  the southen region (Bar, Ulcijn are extremely balcanic).We took a Malév flight out of Hungary to Podgorica from there on there are 2 options either to take a taxi (€75-40) or take a taxi into town and take a bus(€4)- Believe me you want to take the taxi as it has proper air conditioning (which is rather useful in 37 degrees) and much faster cleaner and more efficient than the bus.


Budva is quite western compared to other cities but still in development. To us the attraction was the old town around the citadel. Spent a few hours there walking along the narrow streets visiting a couple of old churches and browsing the shops, but the most interesting was climbing up into the fort to get good views over the town and harbour. Small admission charge to do this. There is also a nice park near the water with lot of shade. For drinks and ice cream visit Astoria cafe. We also visited the more modern town and beaches.The beach in Budva is  huge and different parts are being run by different companies.At the beach make sure you stay at cleaned beach the fee of 2 beds and sunbrellas is €10 (Be ware of the Russians, sorry!).The best way to describe the new town is under constuction. Every where you look there are new apartments/hotels goring out of the ground.The biggest shock for me was the number of shops selling fake things. I have not ever ever seen so many shops specializing in fake Louis Vuitton!!!


 Toured Kotor and its surroundings. Caught a bus from Budva bus station. We did not dare to go from other bus stops as they were marked by two plastic bottles on the ground. No signs, no colored paint etc. the bus actually stopping randomly to anyone waving on the side of the road. Outside this the bus system is well organized and cheap.The bus trip was very scenic along the way but stuffy even with air conditioning.

The town of Kotor is located in the Bay of Kotor, among the most indented parts of the Adriatic Sea and often called the "southernmost Fjord of Europe". It is at the head of southern Europe's deepest fjord, with a fortified old town nestled at the foot of a cliff. This was not as dramatic as Iceland's fjords but it was very beautiful. The sea was an indigo blue as is most of coastal Montenegro.

With a population of about 15 000 Kotor is a moderately busy seaside resort with a highly picturesque Old Town.(Unfortunately some parts of the town was quite run-down, littered with cat dung and urine. Not sure when was the last time someone cleaned.) Between 1420 and 1797, Kotor was under the influence of the Republic of Venice The city is surrounded by an impressive medieval city wall  most of the wall was built during Venetian rule.

Towards the dock area, we find the main gate to cross under the city wall into Old Town Kotor. What awaits us here are cobble-stone squares and narrow alleyways with asymmetric structures along with impressive historic monuments. There are some bars, restaurants offering somewhat good snacks. Unfortunately all old towns in the cosat of Montenegro have a seen one seen it all feeling as Kotor was completely alike Budava's old town just a bit bigger.

Gospa od Skrpjela (Our Lady of the Rocks)

According to the legend Since,  the day the icon of Mary was found, the fishermen put rocks on rocks to form an island to build  a church for Mary. The church was built and sailors brought presents for Mary to protect them from all bad on the sea.  The church has a lot of silver decorations of the oddest shape ships legs the church has it all.The view is spectacular but the island is pretty small.

Sveti Stefan /"Saint Stephen"

Before fishing village, now Aman Sveti Stefan  is a small islet and hotel and resort in Montenegro, approximately 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) southeast of Budva. The resort includes the islet of Sveti Stefan and part of the mainland, where the Villa Miločer part of the resort is located. An Adriatic playground for the rich and famous from the 1960s to the 1980s, the hotel is now a 5-star franchise hotel of the international group of Aman Resorts, completed in 2009. According to our tour guide apartment prices vary btw. €2000-10000 per night. Entrance fee to the beach is €75 per day. Guests of the island include Jeremy Irons, Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Sophia Loren, Angelina and Brad, Andrea Bochelli and many more.

And there you have it! We had a wonderful time.After a couple of lovely days, we had to bid a sad farewell to Montenegro hoping that we would meet again very soon! After that, hubby and I jumped on the plane to Budapest  ( a day later as our flight was cancelled and had to stay a day more in Podgorica in the most horrible hotel ever thanks to the courtesy of Malév). We are home now back to normal but that is a whole other chapter...

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