Friday, 27 May 2011


It's been such a busy  bee this week  as I work on the same and big projects.Although I am advancing in the sewing quite slowly all is getting to take shape and looks fantastic and I am so pleased with how it's all coming together.I was a bit sad over the week as I am really tired after work and falling into bed like a lifeless log.This makes the procedure extremely slow, but I am not down about that any more I think I should let it breath a bit more.....

I am delighted with how my workstation is looking .I let it evolve in time I think that is the best you can do with all kinds of spaces. There are a lot of things that I still need to get for it. I am badly in need of a notice board but will do that next week finally. I will have to buy some storage boxes too. I could have done it before but I was waiting for the right selection. Unfortunately I will have to give up on that as I am getting swamped with all the bits and bobs I have.Still I don't feel like buying anything but go for glass containers which are easy to decorate.It is still in the making but here are some delight of the workstation.

Last weekend myself and hubby visited my Gran /God bless her!/. She was completely adorable as always and made us tonnes of food and cakes.She has been collecting all kinds of buttons for me now for 3 years.She was saving them all up for our return from Ireland.Luckily  I have them all now and adorning them.I cannot wait to use them for all kind of projects.There really are a lot and I only sampled some for the photos. They are so inspiring, I have zillions of ideas what to use them for. I will definitely make a nice button heart I was wanting so much for so long.

Back to work now wishing you all a lovely Friday night.

Au Revoir!

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