Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My Projects Lately- Quilting

I know I have been off for some time lately but it I am getting busy with projects I have started much earlier.  I am busy making quilts for my nieces. I kind of going quite slow as they are my first ones. I took up a challenge with sewing two "78,7x"59,1 quilts but I am loving it. I am also adding some embroidery to it and this is the part I enjoy mostly.I cozy up under it every night I am sewing. First i found it really hard as sewing 175 pieces together seemed kind of a big bite but by now the whole project grew on me and sometimes I actually feel like I don't want to give the quilt away, but I know I will do that in the end anyway.
One of the girls is a bit older and she is really into horses, blues, and gingham. The other loves flowers, pale rose and lilac.

I used all kind of fabrics which gives it a vintage touch.I have recycled some old shirts and dresses into it too. I always feel so good when giving something a new purpose especially if it is something that everyone has given up on. I also love to buy fabrics in the charity shops though those have to be treated before using.By now I got to the point with all the sewing where the next saying is true The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary.Sewing fills all part of my days when not at work, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets (hopefully really soon).
When creating I am  inspired by my own feelings of childhood. All the fragrances and heat of old summers,  simple play in the shady garden. Simpleness, the pleasures and joys of rural life as I know it. Going back now it is much different in looks but still has the same feel to it.
People tell me that the countryside must always be stupid and backward, and I get angry, as if it were said that only townspeople had immortal souls, and that it was only in the city that the flame of divinity breathed into the first men had an unobscured glow. ~George William Russell
My other source of inspiration lately is the  the walks at lunch time in Dublin. I loved all Dublin 4.I had different routes of each day and discovered something new and inspiring every day. Houses, gardens,  Herbert park are my favorite that area is full of spirit.Lucky I have photographic memory and saved it all. Now I am seeing it all on my inner TV.

May your bobbin always be full!

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