Monday, 3 February 2014

Last Days

These really are the last days me being here or should I put me allowed by the boys being here:O)). I find it hard to move and find every bit of me aching with pain most of the times and even my daily routine is shrinking its limits day by day.Just want to survive the next 9 days somehow. Lately sleeping is also a big challenge. I welcome dawn and sunrises awake, wake.But I did find something love in the early mornings like catching glimpses of my boys legs and hands which poking out at various places on my belly. I stroke them a lot and they love it. They even stop for a while and hold onto my touch. Oh I treasure that and will miss it when I don't have it any more. I love to watch the tiny birds coming to feed to the home made bird feeder. They are so camera shy they seem to know I  am there with my camera although I try to hide really well. (Apparently  not that well).Any way I managed to take some pictures of one birdy in the morning. How is your morning going so far?

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