Tuesday, 27 November 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

I was coming in this morning to work and I noticed that all the shops on the way have been decorated nicely for the season. I couldn't help getting excited and some where from the corner of my mind a soft melody lurked ....It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas E'wery where..... I was sitting on the tram and just couldn't stop myself humming very quietly until I got in. I will be off soon and will be laying in watching lovely Christmas movies. Oh and of course the best thing to do will be baking endless trays of cookies and sewing lovely pressies for friends and family.Just cannot wait only 11 days to go....... hmmmmmm.Until then here is a small bit of lovely red decorations from nastrierocchetticountry.blogspot.it:

новогодние тильды

новогодние идеи

своими руками

новогодние игрушки своими руками

красная птичка

снеговик своими руками

новогодняя композиция

новогодние идеи своими руками

своими руками


  1. Hi nice to meet you my name is Valentina and i'm from Italy. I have your blog in my favourite blog page and today when i look at your new post i see photos of my crafts on it, thank you for pubblishing if you want to know the right link is this nastrierocchetticountry.blogspot.it if you want to visit me i'll be happy. I just want to ask if you made the small princess and the pea i love it. bye bye! (sorry for my english.)

  2. Hi Vale thanks a lot for letting me know!! I love what you did with this decoration!!!! I will check out your blog also!!!!