Sunday, 29 July 2012

Something to Look Forward this Christmas

As each year this time I start to collect ideas for Christmas as early as I can and this year I happen to come across some lovely inspiration I really hope to make in my new craft room. These sweet pies are absolutely gorgeous!!! Hope you will like them too!I especially love the bunnies at the end!! So so so cute!!!That detail is unbelievable.

{Tilda mania}


  1. Hi!!
    I found your blog of casuality!!You have a wonderful things.
    Your rabbits are so cute!!!
    I like crafts and sewing too and I have a blog. If you want you can visit it.
    Here you are the blog adress.
    Nice to meet you!!

  2. Hi Marta,

    Nice to meet you too.just had a quick stroll-over to your blog and it is ab-fab!!!!Thanks again and hope to have you over soon again.
    Br, V