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Cold Nights and Ladurée Recipes

I guess it mightn’t be a big news but it is really cold in the last two weeks here in Hungary. By now it really feels like it never wants to end. I love snow and cold especially around the winter holidays it gives the season that extra kick that we never had back in Dublin.But that being over now by months all I crave is colors and warm weather (Don’t we all?) I try to make the best of the season with my little bulbs on the windowsills and everywhere else I can place them in the flat.I also try more colorful craft projects to delight the days. Especially weekdays as I work long hours and go and arrive home in the dark (that is why I am not posting any pictures lately). In this cold weather I crave richer sweets. Firstly was doing fondants but by now I turned back to my old favorite Ladurée macaroons. Unfortunately you cannot get them over here but having a catalog /from the shop itself/ enables me to try and create them at home. I don’t own the Ladurée  cookbooks but have some recipes from it thanks to a dear friend.I also went online and got some lovely ideas over on the Mélanger blog /you find the link on the sidebar/. I love the colors and the endless experimenting with the colors and flavors which brightens my days. I have to be careful though as I have nut allergy although almonds are kinda fine but I like to use a substitute for them.
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{Ladureé books}
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{Ladurée Sucre cookbook}
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{Ladureé gifts}
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{Ladureé gifts}

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{Original Ladureé Macarons}
This macron recipe also from the Mélanger blog is my husbands favorite.To make them you will need good kitchen appliances and baking supplies and aids. These I got all from IKEA they have lovely kitchen supplies but go for the better quality ones. I especially like their silicone mats and spoons and metal mixing balls.You will also have to  be a bit experimental with your oven to find out which is the best temperature for the baking this is also suggested by the recipe.
{Hazelnut and chocolate macarons} adapted from Ladurée Sucre cookbook
The recipe mentioned that the shell may crack on top.  This happened to my first two batches.  So I experimented with the oven temperature, and found my perfect point was 120C (not the 150C recommended in the recipe).  You may need to adjust your temperature accordingly.  But rest assured, any cracked macarons will taste just as delicious!!!
*  Ingredients *
70g ground almonds
70g ground hazelnuts
125g icing sugar
3 egg whites + 1/2 egg white
105g caster sugar
100g dark chocolate
100g cream
25g butter
* Directions *
Combine the ground almonds, hazelnuts and icing sugar in a food processor.  Separately, whisk the egg whites to a foam.  Add a third of the sugar and whip until dissolved.  Add another third and whip for another minute.  Add the remaining sugar and whip until you reach soft peaks.  Delicately fold the mixture of ground almonds, hazelnuts and icing sugar into the egg whites.  In a separate bowl, beat the 1/2 egg white until frothy.  Then add to the final mixture, folding only to slightly loosen the batter.  Transfer mixture to a piping bag and pipe rounds onto prepared baking sheets with non-stick parchment paper.  Preheat the oven to 120C.  Allow the macaroons to sit uncovered for 10 minutes.  Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes depending on your size.  Allow the shells to cool, and prepare the filling.  To make the ganache break up the chocolate and place into a bowl.  Heat the cream until it just reaches boiling point.  Pour over the chocolate to melt and combine.  Finally, add the butter.  Allow to cool and slightly set.  Once it has reached a good consistency, transfer to a piping bag and pipe ganache on one macaroon shell, topping with another macaroon shell.
Makes about 25 filled macaroons

I happen to be really lucky as I got a violet tea and hot chocolate powder form the Ladurée in Dublin which is situated in brown Thomas on Grafton street.It is an additional treat to make these and have them with the baked macaroons especially the violet tea (although it mightn’t sound really convincing).
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{ I love the themed lamps and the colorful surroundings.}
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 Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2012.02.12. 124159
{Scented candles and bags are also available in the shop.}

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 Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2012.02.12. 124340
If you are interested in more details about Ladurée visit their chic website for color and inspiration and luscious sweets all around the year.I like to visit for inspiration for time to time.

{All pictures are form the Ladurée website}

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