Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring at Last

After the weeks of hassle with my laptop, since having access to the wide world once again I've been meaning to catch up on blogging, but found so much else to be doing... with spring here finally! We had a nice trip down to my mom's too, where all the garden is in bloom.Such a lovely sight and the fragrance is unbelievable. I took some flowers with me so I can enjoy them in the flat for some days I cannot keep my nose off them.Sniffing all the time.
I bought some lovely fabrics over the weekend and cannot wait to get sewing, I will still have to finish our patchwork bed cozy (I hope it will be really soon).
I will also have to get started on my easter projects. I got some really good ideas from my mom and out of a magazine.We will have blue eggs and decorations this year. I will share that in the next post.

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