Saturday, 26 February 2011

I ♥ this house take two

As I have written about it before we started looking at plans for our own home. I think the next house is one to die for. I love everything about it. I love the mix of the old and new and hope we will be able to achieve the same look in our own house.

We already have some fears as contemporary houses are very rare in Hungary, and I learned that it is forbidden to have flat roofs at parts of the country.This might set us back in some ways. Moreover we are thinking of building a timber frame passive house, this technique is completely new and again it is unusual.

I was also wondering about becoming good at house DIY. I mean if that ever will happen to us.We will need that to make our place look like a million dollars.I know for some jobs we will have to hire crafts men, but knowing myself I would want to make some things on my own or on our own. The other day our friends visited us and explained how they got into business.They bought a 2 bedroom flat some 3 years ago and have been renovating it since then on the weekends. They knocked down walls laid tiles and all the rest.I found all the stories real fun, but the technical terms they used were completely unfamiliar.I guess in some months time we will be as technical as they are now.

I feel really excited about the whole house idea and looking at interior design magazines and sites, fascinating ideas and designers.I will give an update how we stand every time I find some thing I promise.

So here is my/our second find.{Credit}

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