Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Home from Home

Terentual season begun  in Ireland guess for some days  it will be completely unfortunate for every living being except fish. I know that there is always a start to this when my collegues say Good Swim instead of Good bye at he end of the day. I know it is that weather woman's fault (whose name I can never remember) anyway when ever she is on RTE this is the result!!!!I wish they would take her off tv for good.
Irish invented the rain that falls even from the ground. Any attempt walking in this rain will result in feeling like a saturated sponge.I love liquid sunshine!!!!
Anyway who knew that I will find home from home on Baggot street . I don't want to be laim or cheezy but this really made my day. I ran out of thread the other day and went to the cleaners to buy a new one. Only on the way back to the office did I realized I held something in my hand from home.

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