Monday, 23 August 2010

Dublin D4

These are some of the pictures I have taken in D4. I go out for walks every day each day always on a different route. I love to discover new things statues, shops any kid of new sight. If you have some time try the Fitzwilliam Park area. There are a lot of unusual sculptures to discover from a horse-chestnut leaf shaped bench to robots. I have photographed the girl who is playing by the lamp post and the figure watching her on the top of an entrance.The second set of pictures as at the side of the Grand Canal at grant Canal Houses. They have a statue of a horse just in the back. The third set consist of a picture of a garden from one of the admirable houses in this area the other is a nice selection of marmalade in a basket in one of the coffeehouses in this area. I can only hope that this small post might be enough to draw some attention to this area and I see you around as well soon.

Dublin D4 
Dublin D4Dublin D4

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